Decadence//Dissidence examines oppositions in an attempt to define one's self and find a sense of autonomy in our chaotic world. The series interprets Jung's theory of the four part mandala through image and text and repeatedly rotates around the themes of decadence, dissidence, love and death.

"I want to redefine these words. For decadence to go beyond capitalist excess, to include the parts of life that provide pleasurable release, without contributing to the continuation of capital. For dissidence to be expanded beyond the visible protests in the streets, to include all forms of resistance. To show how these two modes are intrinsically tied to each other in symbiosis, striking a balance that provides both tension and release to daily life."

"I want death to no longer go unspoken, to no longer be a dark shadow we all avoid. I want to love toward the inevitability of death, using it as motivation to live boldly rather than a life motivated by fear. I want to push love far beyond the romantic restriction of the couple, for it to start with self-love and spread outward, gradually forming a safety net between people that will catch us from falling. I hope that love and death can be redefined to no longer be isolated, instead experienced as a togetherness that brings us closer and makes us less afraid."